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Integrated Bridge Saw​

​   YTQJ-500 / YTQJ-600 / YTQJ-600B


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Technical specification

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Technical specification

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Integrated bridge saw are currently the most popular stone cutting machines on the market. They are suitable for processing marble, granite, and other stone. Our machines use a PLC control system that directs the movement of crossbeams, spindle boxes, and workbenches, achieving two-dimensional cutting results. These all-in-one cutting machines have stable performance and high accuracy and are ideal slate cutting equipment. To meet the different needs of our customers, we produce two models of this machine - YTQJ-500 and YTQJ-600.



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Technical specification

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Based on the YTQJ-600, YTQJ-600B adds a workbench with 360-degree automatic rotation, which can cut at different angles. The cutting head can be tilted from 0 to 50 degrees, performing chamfering. The whole machine is integrated, compact and stable in structure, is simple in operation, and has high cutting accuracy. It is an ideal equipment for processing and chamfering of high-priced granite, marble, and quartz stone plates, which makes it the first choice for kitchen and bathroom decoration.


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